Haifa Jamalieh


Haifa Jamalieh is a mixed-media interdisciplinary artist who focuses on cultural expression interested in exploring the narratives of Arab American communities through the use of traditional and symbolic imagery. Haifa’s work fuses her passions for connection, process and play orbiting around the objects and people in her life via illustrations, daily documentation, photography and paint. Her paintings have been sold at auctions, commissioned privately and publicly.

After graduating from Oakland University, Haifa found her way into a professional design career starting with the localization and graphic transcreation industry, a niche field that seeks to help businesses apply visual communication to international markets.  She went on to get her MFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University and launched Word Design Co. in 2014.  Currently, Haifa is a Software Engineering (MSc) student at Boston University with plans to explore new forms of art that incorporate technology.

Haifa is available for commissioned projects and is seeking those who are interested in the representation of female artists in particular for an upcoming endeavor.  E-mail her at haifaj@gmail.com if you’d like more information. 

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"Our old design was tired and dated and needed a fresh, modern update. Haifa jumped at the opportunity to help us solve our brand refresh problem! She was interested in learning about our company and the message we wanted to send to clients and potential clients with our new brand. She took our feedback through the design review process so well and provided new and unique ideas with each little tweak or change we asked for. " Lindsey Knoth, Marketing Manager - DFS
"Haifa is a talented graphic designer, photographer and artist. Her designs are creative and innovative, and she is unafraid to push the boundaries and take a different approach to communicate her ideas. She maintains a strong attention to detail and her passion for design shows in the work she creates. Haifa has a positive attitude and is very approachable in the workplace, which makes her enjoyable to collaborate with." Tim Lentz, Digital Marketing Program Manager - EI Technologies

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